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About Us: It’s nice to know who you’re dealing with, right?

We are Clear-protection-screen we have developed this site to offer you protection screens against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This site was developed at the dawn of the Coronavirus outbreak. It was due to this high demand for protection solutions capable of assisting in defeating COVID-19. This site is promoting screens to provide enhanced protection and offering enhanced hygienic conditions.

Lets tell you more…

Extruflex UK Ltd are the owner of this site. Extruflex Group are World leader in Manufacturer Flexible PVC.
Since the early 1960 Extruflex has been at the forefront of innovation and production of Flexible PVC Strips and Sheets.
We have mastered the complete process of PVC from compounding to extrusion. Thus, it provide on huge range of products you will see today and our unrivalled and infamous quality within the sector.
We aren’t just a manufacture, we also convert the raw materials for compounding to the end product, i.e Flexible PVC Strips and Sheets. This PVC we extrude is now used as a protection screen.
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All Screens made in the UK

Extruflex are the world leader in the extrusion of PVC strips, Sheets and transparent PVC films for the production of industrial doors, today we offer our know-how and our PVC films for the production of counter protection screens.
Hanging protection screen 140cm
We are the World Leading Expert on Flexible PVC and a thus a responsible manufacturer who scrupulously monitor our production plants and quantity of transparent PVC films whilst respecting the protection of users and their environment.
• All our Manufactured Flexible PVC is tested to European and British quality standards. Its compliant with National British Standards (BSI) and International standards (ISO). Our products also comply with European REACH directives.
• Compliance with International standards in terms of health and safety.
• We are also at the forefront of the recyclability of our Flexible PVC.
That means Extruflex Group pay the upmost attention to whom we use as a raw material supplier. They are carefully selected based on these factors to ensure we bring the best quality materials. That coupled with our know-how in extruding flexible PVC we offer you “the customer” our infamous, unrivalled quality PVC products.
Thank you for taking the time to read this page.
Best regards,
Extruflex UK and the clear-protection-screen team
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